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Gary Peters Consulting


We’ve all had those conversations you come away from feeling heard, unstuck, energised, and ready to do something.

I specialise in having Useful Conversations with people.

Useful Conversations can help you get unstuck by:

  • clarifying what you’re wanting to achieve
  • identifying blocks to progress
  • exploring possible solutions
  • providing insight and accountability
  • identifying the next physical action to move things forward

Working on the premise that you have the answers to your challenges, I listen, ask questions, and help you uncover your inherent knowledge.

How this works

Useful Conversations start with a free, no-obligation 30-minute chat about what you want to do and what I can offer. The aim is to understand each other and see if we want to work together.

This is followed by a programme of three one-hour conversations scheduled to work for you.

In the first session we’ll seek to clarfy your intention, see what may heed your progress, and we’ll explore what you may do to overcome these blocks.

The second session is where we reflect on what’s happened since the first session. We’ll see what you’ve learned, what may have changed, and what may need to change. We’ll decide on a next action.

In the third session we’ll repeat the reflection process seeing where you’re at, see what’s working for you, and look at ways you can maintain your momentum moving forward.


Free initial, no-obligation, 30-minute chat.

Useful Conversations

A package of three one-hour conversations
Introductory offer: $499

How to hire me

Click the button below and make an appointment with me. I’m based in Dunedin and if you’re here, let’s meet for a coffee. If you’re elsewhere, we can chat online and go from there.

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